Lane Boland
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About Me

My journey in the remodeling industry began with a tumultuous start. My initial contracting venture faced significant challenges, resembling a burning dumpster fire of cash. In response to the cash crunch, I adopted a common but ineffective strategy of increasing sales volume without addressing underlying issues in estimating and project management. This led to the expansion of three additional shops within two years, each facing similar profitability issues and operational challenges.

Despite generating impressive revenues of 1-2 million dollars per location, I found myself in a constant battle to complete jobs as estimated, likening the experience to running an adult daycare with excessive financial risk. Recognizing the unsustainable nature of this approach, I made the decision to sell the businesses to my employees.

However, adversity sparked a period of profound reflection and growth for me. During a two-year retirement stint in Puerto Rico, I became obsessed with achieving perfection in remodeling operations. I delved into studying industry giants with substantial profit margins, determined to uncover their secrets. Through rigorous testing and implementation within my first client’s company, CQC Home, I achieved a breakthrough.

In just six months, under my guidance, CQC Home’s revenue surged from 8 to 11 million dollars annually, with gross profit rising from 27.6% to over 37%. The net take-home profit exploded over 8x, skyrocketing from 2% to 17%. This transformative experience laid the foundation for Remodel Commanders.

CQC Home’s founder highlighted to me the lack of comprehensive training focused on scaling both sales and operations while maintaining healthy gross margins above 35%. Driven by this insight and my own experiences, I founded Remodel Commanders. My expertise and dedication were recognized with my inclusion in Pro Remodeler 40 Under 40 for 2023.

In June 2023, I transitioned from his role as the Chief Operating Officer of CQC Home to assume the position of Managing Director at Remodel Commanders, operating remotely from the serene beaches of Puerto Rico.